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2012  Bed/MT, University of Calgary, Calgary, Ab.
2007  BFA, Alberta College of Arts + Design, Painting, Calgary, Ab.
2002  Acadia University, Dept. Psychology, Wolfville, N.S.


Solo Exhibitions:
2016  Miss Nomer, Herringer Kiss, Calgary, AB
2014 Where We Sleep,  Herringer Kiss Gallery, Calgary, AB
2012  Introducing Lauren Walker, Herringer Kiss Gallery, Calgary, AB
Group Exhibitions:
2015  Calgary Time Raiser, Calgary, AB
2013  Toronto International Art Fair, Toronto, ONT
2012  Walker & Geher, Herringer Kiss Gallery, Calgary, AB
2012  Art for Food 2012, Herringer Kiss Gallery, Calgary, AB
2011  HK Affordable Art Show, Herringer Kiss Gallery, Calgary, AB.
2011  The Square Root, The Cookbook Co. Cooks, Calgary, AB. (Solo)
2010  Tone, Chris Souster Law,    Calgary, AB. (Solo)
2008  Clockwork, Concept Lounge, Calgary, AB. (Solo)
2007  Gate, The Marquee Room, Calgary, AB. (Solo)
2007  Shift, The Marquee Room, Calgary, AB. (Group)
2007  2007 GRAD SHOW, ACAD, Calgary, AB. (Group)
2007  07, Arthouse, Calgary, AB. (Group)
2006  P!NK, ACAD, Calgary, AB. (Group)


2014 Where We Sleep, Herringer Kiss Gallery, Calgary, AB
2016 Calgary Art Corner, Beatroute, Calgary, AB
Charitable Donations:
2016 Wildwood School Fundraiser, Calgary, AB
2015 Calgary Time Raiser, Calgary, AB  
2012 Calgary Kidney Foundation, Calgary, AB
2013 Art for Food, Herringer Kiss Gallery in partnership with the Calgary Food Bank, Calgary, AB
2012 Art for Food, Herringer Kiss Gallery, Calgary, AB 

Artist's Statement

Lauren Walker’s work is a study of identity and sense of place. She explores how our interactions and experiences affect our perceptions of self, and represents these events through a blend of paint and collage. Lauren’s work often incorporates feminist traditions, such as quilting and textile work, and uses those patterns throughout her practice. This process teeters between focusing on very geometrical forms as well as the organic shapes that inspire her, and often the dichotomy of the two.

In her upcoming show, Lauren continues to focus on the concept of sense of place by contemplating the body as both armor, and its ability to attract. Her works integrate imagery of unique animal adaptations in nature that help defend and protect, while also depicting visual displays of attraction in contrast. This theme is also present through her depiction of objects that today’s women utilize for the same purposes. Through piecing these images together, she is challenging the viewer to question our human defense mechanisms as well as the, at times, absurd lengths women must take to balance the ideals of attractiveness while maintaining their personal safety.


Lauren Walker grew up in Nova Scotia before relocating to Calgary in 2002, where she received her BFA from the Alberta College of Art + Design, and later her BEd/Mt from the University of Calgary. She continues to reside in downtown Calgary where she works as an artist and educator. She now teaches as part of the Continuing Education Faculty at her alma mater, the Alberta College of Art + Design. Lauren has proudly been represented by Herringer Kiss Gallery since 2012 and continues to show her work there today.


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